The PSP, a 14 transistor CPU that can run anything

It all started with the PSP

The PSP is an amazing device that can power any software ever written on any hardware ever built.  Yes it requires additional circuitry just like CPUs require chip sets.  And it will run very slowly.  But the point is that it produces accurate output.  Just imagine using an idea like this to build a massive amount of parallel processors to run anything.  That’s what we did and we call it 4P.

The story about how 4P began really puts the PSP into context.  Here we are just showing the result and basically explaining how and why it works.  The image above is a screenshot taken from LT Spice XVII.  The PSP shown is an actual, working circuit that really runs in LT Spice XVII.  The documentation was added to explain the function so we will let the original writing speak for itself.  Enjoy, we did!

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How 4P Started