Business Plan Summary

Source Code Creations business plan includes three main sources of revenue:

  1. A one time sale of 4P Intellectual Property (IP) 
  2. 4P Development, Consulting and Training 
  3. NP4P Development, Consulting and Training

Semiconductor Industry Partners

Our main goal is to team with Industry Partners to develop, manufacture and market 4P into a dominate worldwide technology.     

One path to that end is to prove the technology by beating the worlds fastest supercomputer head to head using a NP4P device that fits into a PC box.

We want your business

Investment Partners

Like any startup, we require operating capital.  Our Plan for Return on Investment (ROI) takes one or both of the following forms:

  1. Return of double original investments upon sale of 4P IP
  2. Share of future revenue from Development, Consulting and Training 

We appreciate potential investment partners and welcome hearing how we can better serve our mutual interests. 

We Want your input

Market & Competition

4P Market

4P superiority creates multibillion dollar market potential spanning all digital computation markets.

Today, conventional processors are enormously complex requiring massive amounts of engineering to design and maintain.   This directly adds to the cost of production.  Furthermore, specific design limitations in operand based processors limit their ability to compete with a general purpose programmable 4P canvas even with massive amounts of engineering effort.

4P programmable canvases are much simpler and more similar to RAM in design.  In the future, 4P canvases will run everything because smaller and faster always wins.  Customers will speed up a system by adding more 4P canvas just like adding more RAM today.

NP4P Market

Many companies are priced out of the supercomputer market.  NP4P changes this.  Atomic level simulation, protein folding and planetary gravitational simulations are all candidates for NP4P.  The dramatic price drop from a supercomputer to a NP4P equivalent will open new markets to customers who would be willing to purchase an NP4P Box but could not afford a new supercomputer. 

Technical Consulting, Training and Development

As with any new technology in high demand, the need for training and technical consulting will correlate directly.  With the initial short supply of knowledge, satisfying this market demand will be lucrative for years to come.  

4P training and consulting will likely follow a trajectory similar to HTML and associated technologies during the early years of the World Wide Web.

12 - 24 Month Plan Summary

Business Priorities

  1. A one time sale of 4P IP to a qualified buyer  
  2. Ongoing sales for development and consulting for 4P and NP4P

                              - OR

  1. Secure funding to continue to market and develop 4P
  2. Secure funding to build the NP4P production model  

Technical Development Priorities (Summary)

4P Simulator:   Add the following features:  

  1. Offline Computation
  2. Gate Level Hardware Simulation 
  3. Complete the Traveling Salesman Problem Program
  4. Begin the 4P compiler V1.0
  5. 4P Development Tools, OS, APIs


  1. Fully Develop the 23 City TSP Production IC gate layout.  
  2. Work with vendors to determine an accurate estimate and distribution of labor for the final NP4P physical production model.
  3. Manufacture 4PNP production model