Get The Facts

The PSP is no small claim. It is a real device.

The PSP is a 10 transistor processor that can power any software ever written on any hardware ever built because it effectively builds logic gates from a program.  Any EE engineer can validate the claim.  By itself, the PSP is a major achievement.  But when used to its full potential, the PSP becomes a technology revolution called 4P.


We have a working 4P Hardware Simulator

During the construction of the 4P Hardware Simulator we found validation for our initial vision at every step.  Never was there once a reason to question the foundation of the overall 4P design philosophy.   This same, logical, evidence based approach, leads to the solid conclusion that 4P is overwhelmingly superior to conventional designs.  4P is so much more advanced that we consider it a discovery rather than an invention.  A discovery getting us closer to how nature computes.

NP4P SPICE model

We can beat the worlds fastest supercomputer head to head with hardware that fits in a PC Box.  We are giving the design away free to validate our claims.   Examine it yourself.

Nature Works in Parallel

From atomic interaction to DNA to factories to cities and nations, we see example after example of small actions creating synergy together.  We see  these things by just looking at them.  We see  4P processing data by just looking in the same way.  4P unleashes the power of simplicity in the form of a programmable hardware canvas that lets developers create instead of tracing mazes of references through text files.

The design intuitively makes sense

It’s not like we are claiming monumental performance based upon some secret, magical formula.  Once the PSP exists, it makes complete sense to use it to make lots of tiny processors  all working together in parallel.  More accurately, it would make no sense NOT to try to exploit the power of this incredible device.  There is no hype here, just direct application and communication of reasoning.

Conventional Processors have known limitations.

Conventional CPUs are known to have severe limitations regarding parallel programming.  GPUs and specialized ASIC & FPGAs have severe limitations regarding general purpose programming.  This is undisputed.

The Future is Parallel

Quantum Computing aside, the key to the future is parallel.  This has been known for decades.  We exploit the PSP to simply get us there sooner rather than later using existing, proven manufacturing technology.

Engineering First, Marketing After

In a world filled with hype sometimes it helps to point out the obvious.  We are not salesmen marketing the next big thing.  We are engineers trying to communicate and educate people about rock solid conclusions that we derived from mountains of evidence.

We don’t get paid unless we deliver

Our position is clear.  We benefit when our customer benefits.  Promises are great.  Results are better.  We offer no risk for our customer while taking no risk for ourselves because 4P engineering is rock solid.

We can Prove it

We will prove it by building it.  We have the design, we need partners with the equipment.  Let's get together and make history.