The 4P Plan

The Big Picture

Supercomputers will serve as a natural market launching point for 4P and NP4P based upon performance requirement and relative overall operational simplicity.  But a supercomputer based on 4P or NP4P is only the first major milestone.  Conventional processors using addressed based instruction sets will be unable to compete with 4P as slimmed down supercomputers take the place of PCs by replacing the CPU, GPU, RAM and chipsets with 4P Canvas.  Ultimately, the totality of advantages will push 4P into a dominate market position across the computation spectrum big and small.  Conventional models will lose any competitive advantage and 4P critics will quietly resign to the inevitable conclusion that 4P is just a better way to build and program computers.

Long Term Strategy

We have two major strategic goals to make 4P a reality as efficiently and practically as possible.  

  1. Sale of 4P Intellectual Property
  2. Partner in Development of 4P & NP4P

Sale of 4P Intellectual Property (Technology Transfer)

Our primary goal is to transfer 4P technology through the sale of 4P Intellectual Property.  Our ideal customer would be a semiconductor manufacturer interested in producing 4P. We do, however, understand that 4P market value is well above our asking price.  In this case, we would be willing to work with customers who intend to resell 4P.   

We have structured our marketing strategy to entice valued customers by providing extremely low risk.  Simply put, we don’t get paid unless we deliver.  We can do this because we know that the foundation of 4P is based on sound fundamentals.  We know that, after a 1 day presentation, any legitimate engineer will reach the same conclusion: 4P is a simple, powerful, revolutionary design with the potential to redefine computation.  And after a single hour, they will know enough to build a custom SPICE model within a month.

Our business model is structured around the value of our technology.  Period.  We are seeking to deliver a revolutionary,  technology destined to dominate a Trillion dollar industry at a very reasonable price.  We are not here to make promises about future deliverables. We are here to deliver a 4P product in the form of usable technology.  

 We at Source Code Creations are experts in logic.  Gates and above with zeros and ones is where we shine.  Physical layers and below with voltages and resistances is where we defer to other experts.  4P technology is more than a single design drawn into a schematic.  4P is a fundamental understanding of a new, better way to build and program computers.  We are very confident that a highly focused, very intense afternoon of presentation and Q&A with expertly skilled, motivated hardware designers will produce a roomful of 4P believers ready to write history.

A few more days of wrap up followed by consulting as needed and the first 4P chip will be moving into the production pipeline just like any other chip.  The hardware is amazingly simple provided the engineers have a fundamental, conceptual understanding of the overall design.  We estimate that a single, motivated, talented hardware engineer or small team could have a 90% solution in terms of silicon layers within a month or so.  The last 10% would take a few more months.    

Partners in Development 

Following the transfer of 4P technology, we seek to partner in the development of 4P specifically in source code development for the operating system and device drivers for graphics, disk, network, sound, USB and input.  

As with any major technology, 4P design will be iterative.  Many simulations will be required to fine tune the design with respect to typical program tasks using real programs.  We anticipate the very first chip to demonstrate the magnitude of power as we prove the ability to outperform supercomputers.  We envision significant efficiency improvements in the first few design iterations as source code developers work with hardware designers to find a balance between function and performance.    

While designing and coding the operating system, development tools will continually be designed and refined.  We see a natural progression toward this end similar to any development effort and we want to be involved in the major decisions and selected development.

Finally, we want to be involved with design and implementation of the operating system and all basic physical systems: graphics, disk, network, sound, usb and input.  We see our involvement as primary developers and 4P consultant depending on the area and level of detail.  One thing is for certain.  We don’t just want to build a 4P system.  What we really want to do is USE a 4P system!

After 4P....

After transferring 4P, the next technology we seek to conquer is arguably even more ambitious.  Using capital acquired from the sale of 4P technology, Source Code Creations intends to pursue mechanized domestic servants with a goal of basic housekeeping tasks starting with bathroom cleaning.    

Advances in the past decade have created turn key solutions for a variety of the individual tasks for such a machine.  Many, if not most, of the remaining major technical issues have been largely addressed if not actually designed.  4P security is a key required technology for responsible implementation of such systems.

We realize this task is truly enormous, but these are the kind of challenges that drive us.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.    

We see the business model for these mechanized domestic servants as similar to the automobile industry.  Financing, pricing, showrooms, maintenance and secondary markets follow very similar trajectories.  It is this product line that Source Code Creations intends to maintain control.

12 - 24 Month Plan

12 Month plan

Like any company, Source Code Creations requires operating capital.  Our initial seed money has delivered results beyond our wildest dreams.   4P has grown from a great idea into a practical, proven technology that is poised to redefine how computers are built and programmed.  Now is the time to partner with people who see this raw potential and want to build it into reality.  

In moving toward this goal, we have shifted resources from development to marketing.  This website is the product of this effort and we are pleased with result.  But this is just the first step.  A website only helps us reach our goal if the right people see it.  To locate, contact and draw interest from the right people will take a more focused marketing approach.      

Our major marketing goal is to transfer 4P technology to a major chip manufacturer.  We firmly believe that a single presentation to the right people at a suitable company is all it will take to reach a deal leading to the technology transfer of 4P.  After all, this technology is in very high demand and we are the single supplier anywhere.   It will, however, take time, effort and funding for 4P to reach the right set of ears to set up that presentation.    

For this reason, in addition to marketing to major chip manufacturers, we are seeking investors to fund us for the next year.  The primary focus will be marketing, but we will also be pushing forward with development as funding and time allows.  The terms will be negotiable but we are looking at details along the lines of double the investment back when we monetize 4P.  

Additionally, or alternatively, we would consider some level of ownership in Source Code Creations.  We acknowledge that the majority of 4P leverage will be lost during the technology transfer.  ROI from ownership in Source Code Creations would be based upon company sales from consulting, training and development.

Sales and Marketing

Our main marketing strategy for the next 12 months is focused on finding a qualified buyer for 4P.  Alternatively, we seek investors in 4P and NP4P.  Our strategy is outlined as follows:

  • Networking in the semiconductor industry through targeted e-mails and letters
  • Networking at conferences 
  • Identifying and utilizing commission based sales representatives
  • Social media marketing
  • In person marketing on selected company campuses with flyers and postings

Product Development

Our technical goal, as funding, permits, is to continue development on the 4P Hardware Simulator including the following:

  • Offline Computation
    • Realtime graphics with multiple speeds, reverse and fast forward
    • Possible GPU/SSE/MMX acceleration
  • Gate Level Hardware Simulation.  Consider the following:
    • Hardware Defect Resolution
    • Different hardware designs
    • Security layout, Hardware vs OS
    • Include Pinouts
    • Included RAM architecture interface and, optionally, design
    • Design tradeoffs
  • Complete the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) 4P code.  
    • Add the permutation algorithm, such as Steinhaus-Johnson-Trotter
    • extend multiple TSP modules over a large canvas
  • Begin the 4P compiler V1.0 and associated tools
  • Development Resources
    • Simple OS for resource management
    • Simple RAM manager
    • Simple Disk/Network manager
    • Simple Graphics API with pinouts
    • Module Creation, Drag & Drop
    • Basic Algorithms:
      • Sorting
      • Binary Tree creation, insertion and query     
  • Basic Applications:
    • 2D text & GUI
    • Simple Raytracer
    • Simple 3D graphics
  • port to a non-networked Laptop  for IP secrecy
  • incorporate a presentation layer directly into the 4P hardware simulator       
  • (optional) develop a working hardware schematic in LT Spice VII that is directly implemented by the simulator

Also, develop NP4P as funding permits.