A Supercomputer built on 4P will be 10 to 100 times smaller with the same performance

A Simple, Powerful, Revolutionary, Processor Architecture

4P Processors will out perform every leading commercial CPU or GPU by an order of magnitude.  

4P inserts tiny processors between cells in RAM to create a vast programmable hardware canvas

Anything can be written in 4P.

Von Neumann model is serial.  4P is always parallel with no operands or registers since data is always streaming through instructions. 


 If your company designs or manufactures semiconductors,   you can own 4P IP.     

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4P Programmable Hardware Canvas

4P Is General Purpose: Operating Systems, Graphics, AI, Cyber Currency Mining, Apps....Anything

4P will run anything and run it in parallel with everything else on the canvas.  The entire canvas gets updated every clock along with every program on it.  Often used Operating System (OS) code will remain on the Canvas and take little space.  Seldom used OS code will load when needed, then unload to save space.  OS services will be processed in parallel along with everything else, including Graphics.

In the future, Processing Canvas will be sold like RAM is sold today.  Need more power?  Add more 4P Canvas.   

All computation will take place on 4P Canvases.  They will connect together through digital streams....just like the Internet....or UNIX shell.

4P has 10 to 100 times the Performance of Conventional CPUs and GPUs per square mm of silicon

Not only do we get orders of magnitude better performance, we also get much simpler hardware and more intuitive code development.   4P is just better.

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Conventional Languages are Serial: one instruction after the other

Assembly Code is Serial.  So is C.  Even CUDA and openCL are written serially.

Always sequences of instructions.

One after the other.  Serial.

With 4P every part of every  program on the canvas gets updated every clock tick.  

Always Parallel from the first bit.

Watch the video.  It's a better way to program.

Watch the video of the 4P Programmable Hardware Canvas Simulator

Programs executing in 4P are viewed by watching data move in RAM.  

Look at RAM.  See The Program.


Watch the video showing how the Traveling Salesman Problem is solved in 4P.

Watch the Video

The PSP: a 10 Transistor Fully Programmable Processor

What can you program on such a tiny processor? Any hardware you need.

Want an AND Gate?  The program is AABB where A and B are 1 bit variables.  For an OR Gate use ABAB.    The output is fed back  to the PSP or sent to another PSP.  The NOR gate in The PSP is a Universal Gate.  That guarantees that the PSP can effectively create any hardware from a program.  The PSP forms the basis for the massively parallel, fully programmable, general purpose hardware canvas called 4P.

It all starts with The PSP

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A 4P program can be permanently etched into silicon for even greater performance

Non-Programmable, Single Solution for Supercomputers (NP4P)

A Standard PC case. A Standard Outlet. Beat the world's fastest supercomputer head to head.

Non-Programmable 4P is NP4P. 

Imagine beating the fastest supercomputer in the world with a device that fits into a standard PC case, plugged into a standard outlet.  There are no tricks here and to prove it we are giving the design away free.

The device is an ASIC solution for a single problem.  For the first problem, we chose the 23 city Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP).   Supercomputers run about 30 types of problems.     We envision one PC box per problem type all running together using a fraction of the electricity of a conventional supercomputer.

First we designed the  TSP in 4P.  Then we designed an ASIC IC layout from the 4P program.  Don't take our word for it, you can examine the design yourself because we are giving it away free and it is shown in the image above.

We are giving the NP4P design away free!

The design is shown above as a functioning NP4P SPICE model for 6 cities (sample permutations only).  The design naturally generalizes to 23 cities.  We explain how, step by step.  

We want someone to build it so we are giving the design away free.  That will help us sell the fully programmable, general purpose hardware canvas: 4P.

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4P superiority creates multibillion dollar market potential spanning all digital computation markets.

Source Code Creations is seeking to partner with a major semiconductor manufacturer to develop, build and market 4P.

We seek low risk partnerships built on mutual, exceptional satisfaction.

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